Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bike & Camera Stolen; Got Used Replacements to Share?

The day started so well. Receiving the good news about Michael Johnson's legal victory in Missouri cheered me and many others. Got much done on a few political and household projects.

But the workday closed with my bike, which had my great new backpack in the basket that contained my old reliable video & photo camera, getting ripped off right in front of our apartment.

No, I didn't call the police department. Been through that fruitless experience from previous robberies. Don't need a police report to make a renter's insurance claim since we don't have it.

If you have a used European style bike, with a 17-inch frame, or a simple camera that shoots vids and pics (don't they all these days?), that you no longer need, lemme know.

The robbery aside, lemme express my gratitude again to my hubby Mike for being the big shoulder for me to metaphorically cry on. And thanks to all my friends I've seen since my property was stolen, for their sympathy and gently reminding me of the importance of people over property.

Photo shows me with my now-stolen bike on a happier day. Was that bicycle beautiful or what?

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