Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pelosi at 'Fences' Premiere'; Avoiding Town Halls

A key architect of the Democratic Party's abysmal losses, in terms of offices and races not to mention legislation at the national level, simply has no time for community-based engagement with her constituents. She's too busy raising money to maintain power in Washington or enjoying high society life in San Francisco.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul found the time to appear on December 15 at the reopening of the just-refurbished Curran Theater and the premiere of "Fences" as it generates Oscar buzz.

Acting and writing Hollywood powerhouse Denzel Washington brought his film of the late August Wilson's play to the town where he got his start in the entertainment industry.

The San Francisco Chronicle dutifully covered the red-carpet entrances and poses of the political industrial complex players Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi and former Mayor and Chronicle columnist Willie Brown, as they schmoozed with the cast of "Fences."

It's been ages since Pelosi held a town hall with the voters. Heck, I can't recall even her top staffers deigning to publicly engage with constituents in recent years. Not a peep from her office about this lack of engagement changing.

Don't expect fundamental changes from Pelosi locally or as Democratic leader in the House. There are some things the election of Donald Trump won't change.

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Michael Zonta said...

Nancy's got to go. I was very proud, at first, when she became Speaker of the House, because she's a native daughter.

But, Mike Petrelis is right. Her leadership is based on her ability to make lots of money for her fellow Democratic congresspeople. The Dems need to go toward the Bernie model of being financed by the voters, not the corporations.

Let the Republicans represent corporate America.