Friday, December 23, 2016

2nd Wiener Theft Suspect Jailed 1-Yr Awaiting Trial

The public defender's office today informed me that Damian Wells is in custody on charges of robbery, extortion, grand theft and receiving stolen property. 

He was arrested in January for allegedly assisting his mother Lasonya Wells steal the smartphone of powerful fag pol Scott Wiener in December last year. Damian Wells's bail is $130,000 and his mother's is set at $135,000.

It's estimated San Francisco spends about $150 a day to house an inmate in the county lockup. 

That means about $55,000 has been spent keeping Damian Wells in jail and maybe $58,000 to house his mother, who's been incarcerated longer, as they both await either trial or get an acceptable plea bargain from corrupt DA George Gascon.

In my view, Gascon has treated this alleged robbery and related charges with a heavier-than-normal prosecutorial hand because of the victim, the ambitious Wiener who was on the Board of Supervisors at the time of the theft. He's now a state senator.

All around this stinks. Taxpayers are footing the bill for the police investigation, the DA's prosecution and a combined $133,00 to house the two Wells's in jail.

They've not been able to pay bail and without any convictions, have already spent a goodly amount of time incarcerated. 

Maybe the only bright spots in this sordid criminal case are that the Wells's have been provided with three meals daily, a dry and warm place to sleep, and other spartan amenities unavailable to them as homeless persons living on the streets.

Damian Wells and Lasonya Wells both have hearings before a judge on January 6. Let's see if the DA and attorneys defending the accused can bring this matter to a resolution that leads the Wells's to lives out of homelessness and crime.

Not sure what to do about the over-charging by Gascon and the special treatment he provides to Wiener when he's the victim of petty crimes and foolishness.

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