Monday, December 07, 2015

SFPD Pizza Pickup; Uppity Biker Questions Cop Privilege

On two occasions in recent days, I've seen members of the San Francisco police force exhibiting signs of arrogant first responder privilege.

This is when cops don't care about where they park their squad cars, either when answering a call at the main library of stabbing in the men's room or picking up a pizza, or use their sound-system to order a civilian to get out of the street even if they're not blocking traffic.

As you see in my video from November 30th at the library's entrance on Grove near Market Street, and the footage from December 4th shot in front of the Pizza Zone on Valencia near Duboce Street, SFPD cops blocked vehicular traffic or a bike lane.

In both videos, you'll hear me getting uppity and questioning cop privilege on display from the officers.

If you've got a camera, use it to film SFPD personnel on the streets and do your part to monitor their service to the public, and be sure to share your videos on the web. It will do much to hold the department accountable and we all know there needs to be a whole lot more accountability of cops in this town.


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Rusty said...

I have a photo from June 2012 of a cop car parked mostly in a traffic lane where it created a traffic hazard on Church Street where the street narrows to one lane. The police officer himself was in the Red Jane restaurant having lunch. I'll try to post the photo in a separate comment -- the comment field refuses to accept both text and photos at the same time.