Monday, December 14, 2015

Current Number of SF Cop-Involved Shootings' Investigations?

Last week, I filed a public records request with police chief Greg Suhr for deets about San Francisco police officer involved shootings and today the department's legal department sent me dozens of responsive records.

An October 6th memo from internal affairs to the risk management commanding officer, states there are fifteen open officer-involved shootings.

Thirteen cases are under investigation by former SFPD chief and current district attorney George Gascon, one case is being handled by the San Mateo DA's office and another case is a joint investigation between the two DA offices.

I don't believe Gascon will bring charges in any of the shootings or fatalities, but if he does I'll be among the first to applaud such a move.

The SFPD needs until December 17 to provide me with the names and demographic info on all civilians killed by local cops in 2014 and so far for this year. Once I have that info, I'll share it.

If you know of any organization keeping tabs on these shootings and investigations, please lemme know because I want to learn all there is to know how these investigations are conducted and if accountability and justice are well-served.

Btw, 24-pages were provided to me and there isn't a single name of any officer under investigation included. Just one more example of police privilege whereby they're accused of misdeeds and crimes, yet are guaranteed many protections keeping their names confidential.

That confidentiality undermines San Francisco's community policing practices.

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