Friday, December 04, 2015

SF Police Commission: Social Media Rules Debate is When?

In early November, I went to the San Francisco Police Commission, which is a nominally independent body providing very weak oversight of the police department's personnel and policies.

My issue was the lack of a written social media policy and the willy-nilly posting of mugshots on Twitter and other sites.

I provided commission president Suzy Loftus, pictured, with a printout of my exchanges with SFPD public affairs officer Albie Esparza, that were posted here.

This past Wednesday, December 2, I attend the commission meeting at City Hall to again complain about capricious mugshot rules and the failure of Esparza and the department to web-post the mugshot of Chris Kohrs. He's the "Hot Cop of the Castro" arrested over the weekend for a hit-and-run accident in North Beach.

When Loftus asked other commissioners for future agenda items, one colleague asked that they address social media policies and Loftus asked the commission secretary to follow up on this matter, according to the closed-caption notes.

It says a lot about the inadequate and discretionary ways only certain arrestees have their mugshots made public on the web, that the SF police commission may get around to creating fair and equitable social media rules in 2016.

Why have the commissioners allowed the department to operate without such rules already in place and how long will it take for the rules to be developed and implemented?

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