Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Big Mike's Eye Surgery Went Well

It's that time again in the house of Mikes for me to play Nurse Ratched and tend to my patient and hubby Mike, as he recovers from laser surgery this morning.

His eye care specialist, Dr. Lillie Mosaddegh, a relative of the CIA-deposed democratically elected Iran prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, operated on his left eye. It's covered with cotton padding, a clear plastic lens and surgical tape.

Mike is doing fine without the use of his glasses. He could use a monocle for the right eye, which will be operated on in two weeks if the left eye heals well as expected. You should have seen him sitting near the television monitor tonight, entertaining himself.

After bringing him home from the medical arts center on Post and Polk, getting caught up on his after-care and needs, I gave him the gift of solitude.

When I came home from seeing a film, Mike was in fine fettle and looking even more adorable then when I left, with the layers of protection covering part of his beautiful face.

Mike hates posing for selfies and whatnot, so it was a pleasant surprise he asked me to snap his photo and share it on the web. "Get it out there!" he said, with a wave of his hand as his painkillers were in full effect.

Dr. Lillie removes the bandages tomorrow and all will go well. Let's all wish Mike a thorough and rapid recovery, and improvement with his vision.


Alexis Mainster said...

What a handsome guy xoxo

Spezialed said...

Handsome as ever Mikey! Speedy recovery. XO