Thursday, December 03, 2015

Dramatic Arrest of Threatening SF Man With a Gun

As the Twitter clock at Market and 10th Streets hit 3:55 pm on Wednesday, December 2, a swarm of San Francisco Police Department officers descended on a man who had threatened a stranger with a gun allegedly in his backpack, and I was there.

I began filming a few moments after the cops had removed the backpack and pinned the suspect down to the street pavement. The man who'd been threatened walked up beside me and began explaining how he flagged down a passing cop car and told the police he'd just been harassed.

Let's all be grateful no one was harmed or killed in this situation and I salute the officers for performing their duties with all the rapid response it required.

Is it just me or is there more first responder activity happening along Market Street and other areas of the City?

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