Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meth Legal Mess Involves an SF Fire Commissioner

A reader brought it to my attention that a blog operated by an anonymous person was alleging Ken Cleaveland, a member of the San Francisco fire commission, had tangential meth legal woes stemming from a former roommate.

FYI, Cleaveland, pictured, is also the vice president at the Building Owners and Manager's Association of SF.

I reached out to Cleaveland, who initiated airing fire commission meetings on SFGovTV and broadcasting them from City Hall begins in January, asking him to respond to the tangled claims he's involved in speed related legal troubles:

"I've been made aware of this post about a meth legal case in which you are mentioned: http://livefromsanfrancisco.blogspot.com/2015/12/updated-tim-shackelford-vs-xxx-xxxx.html

"There are a number of posts at that blog that reference your alleged problems with a former roommate who possibly was dealing speed. Frankly, I'm always suspicious about blogs where the author isn't clearly stated nor is a contact addy provided.

"What's your response to what is written at that blog about you? Lemme know."

Here's Cleaveland's reply:

"It’s complete bs, Michael. The soon-to-be former housemate’s ex-boyfriend had to have a restraining order issued against him by my housemate as he was defaming him (as he is doing to me, but worse) that actually caused him to lose his job. The guy is psycho and possibly dangerous. The DA’s office is already investigating him for his continued violation of the restraining order. 

"The guy who is defaming Tim (my roomie) and me (because I testified against him at the restraining order trial) is a guy named Matthew Martinez, who is definitely a meth head and has a long history of bad separations from past boyfriends." 

On the surface, this seems to a clear reminder of various ways of how destructive and damaging meth is to gay men and our community, whether we use the drug or not. Let's see how these legal troubles resolve themselves in superior court.

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No-one Inparticular said...

I will gladly discuss this issue with you and provide all the documentation that proves that Ken and his roommate Tim Shackelford not only lied but falsified evidence. This case on appeal in District 1 and is moving slowly through those channels because Mr. Shackelford's lawyer is uncooperative. My complaint against Shackelford's lawyer has just been accepted by the State Bar.

I am in the process of submitting a complaint to the Judicial Ethics Comission against Commissioner Lyons of the SF Superior Court, and Judge Monica Wiley.

Mr. Cleveland''s response to your inquiry was an ad hominem attack. It is not necessary for me to resort to such petty character assignations against Cleveland or Shackelford because that facts prove my innocence and illustrate that Mr. Cleveland is using his position with the city and county of SF to bully not only me but anyone who stands in his way.

Matthew Martinez