Sunday, December 20, 2015

PM David Cameron: No LGBT Jamaica & UK Files

Remember my Freedom of Information request in October to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron for any emails and files pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jamaicans from his advisers or embassy in Kingston, in the weeks leading up to his controversial visit to the island nation?

At the request of the PM's office, I amended and narrowed my broad request and new search was undertaken. The latest response states the office "does not hold information relevant to your refined request."

Some thoughts. Either the PM's office didn't conduct a thorough enough search or neither Cameron and his advisers and the embassy staff cared enough to put LGBT issues on the agenda during his visit. I would expect the prime minister would at minimum have received a status briefing on the current conditions of LGBT Jamaicans, wouldn't you?

Here is the three-page response from London:

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Rusty said...

Thank you for doing this, Mike. Heterosexuals need to be constantly reminded of our existence, our interests, and our demands for fairness -- otherwise they will ignore and forget about us.