Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SF Mayoral Aide: 'Cover the Costs' of Mario Woods Funeral

There wasn't much of interest in the several hundred pages of emails the Mayor's Office provided to me today in response to my public records request seeking files on the killing-by-cop death of Mario Woods.

What stood out among the emails was a two-pager from Mayor Ed Lee's senior adviser Paul Henderson dated 12/7/2015, stating the following:

"Here is a draft I created of what the statement [from the mayor] could look like for edits/modifications [sic]. 

"I think it's important we give folks something to measure and look forward to OTHER than the evaluation of whether or not last week's shooting is justified (which I think it is likely to be).

[Text of mayor's draft statement]

"A couple of things to note that I am hearing from the community and various other relevant folks.

"- SFPD is not being helpful in the open data conversations. (See the article in the Examiner this weekend). The State and Federal government have made great headway on the topic and there are some very easy reforms we can adopt to stay ahead of this growing criticism that will only continue to grow. The answers/solutions for this issue have been offered from our office (Joy), the AG's office and the 21 Century policing guideline.

"- We are doing more and there is an open RFP out (or coming shortly) regarding 'implicit bias' for city departments that we should be taking credit for. Community leaders will support our expansion of this issue.

"- I want to plant 3 points with Amos [Brown] to give him a playbook to support our announcement when he meets with AA leaders this evening. FYI he has asked Joe Marshall to help him come up with an agenda of how to work with the city and move something forward.

"- FYI because of how the shooting took place, the city does NOT cover funeral costs. And it would go a long way if we let it be known that 'we' are going to those costs (@7)."

Always good to read what City Hall officials are saying to each other in emails about SFPD personnel killing civilians. Mayor Ed Lee can issue his proclamations and directives at the department and police commission, but he's serious MIA on engaging with the Bayview and black communities, and allies concerned for cop accountability.

Let's see the mayor hold a town hall soon in the Bayview to hear from the community.

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