Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Were Castro's Misspelled LGBT Plaques Auctioned Off for Charity?

The Rainbow Honor Walk is a project headed by gay publicist David Perry, who in September unveiled the bronze plaques featuring various LGBT folks embedded in the sidewalks of the Castro district.

Much embarrassment ensued because "biting" was misspelled in Oscar Wilde's plaque and Christine Jorgensen was mistakenly described as "transgendered".

In response to the outcry demanding to know why Perry and his board of directors hadn't checked the spelling and grammar before debuting the plaques, Perry said he'd auction off the grammatically incorrect plaques and donate the money raised to gay charities.

I tweeted to Perry and Armistead Maupin in December, asking if the auction had gone forward and if so, how much funding when to the charities. Since I've not heard from them, I sent a note to Perry via his PR firm's site requesting followup info.

Once I hear back from Perry with answers to my questions, I'll update this post.

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Michael Petrelis said...

Oops. The original plaque for Jorgensen contained two mistakes. Transgendered is misspelled, the "s" is omitted, and it is not a word.