Sunday, January 18, 2015

'Homeless Cleansing' Under Mission Street Freeway Exit

It appears the San Francisco Police Department has eradicated the homeless population that was encamped along two stretches of Division Street, from Folsom to under the Mission Street freeway exit.

There are usually at least three dozen individuals with shopping carts, bikes and equipment to fix them, tents and discarded mattresses and a good number of canines sleeping, eating or peeing in this area.

Not today. As Mike and I walked around the neighborhood, we noticed the cops and probably the Department of Public Works performed some "homeless cleansing" from the sidewalks and passageways under the freeway.

Instead of homeless people, there were SFPD metal barricades and yellow safety tape lining the sections where these folks once congregated.

So, these two blocks are currently cleansed of the homeless and sidewalks are now free of trash, poop and any encampments. The homeless problem there is now solved, right?

Of course not. The homeless folks have merely moved to another location, probably more out of sight of the cops and DPW workers.

Would you say this is more evidence the sharing economy of San Francisco and the record profits of established and emerging tech firms isn't trickling down to the streets and the people who live on them?

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