Friday, January 23, 2015

SF's Only Print Copy of Charlie Hebdo, Mohammed & Me

Three likely San Francisco venues where a print version of last week's Charlie Hebdo might be found - Fog City News, Cafe de la Presse, the Alliance Francaise - do not carry or subscribe to the controversial French publication.

But the humor collection of the main library on the sixth floor is, as far as I can determine, the only location in the city where Charlie Hebdo on paper.

I was there today to glance at it and giggle at the small portion of cartoons and texts I could understand, and had a librarian snap a photo of me holding the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo with Prophet Mohammed on the cover under the headline, "All is forgiven". Prophet Mohammed holds a "Je suis Charlie" sign as he sheds one large tear.

Sure, the issue is on the web but if you're the kind of free expression advocate and practitioner who likes the feel of newsprint and holding a physical copy of a newspaper, stop by the library on Grove Street and hold it in your hands as you read it.

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