Thursday, January 22, 2015

SF Chron Invents New Oscar Acting Category!?

The Academy Award nominees announced last week and the omission of black-theme films and African-American actors, directors and other moviemaking talents this and in previous years, generated much good commentary about Hollywood and diversity.

A caption for a photo in the Jan. 21 San Francisco Chronicle, "Ben Affleck, who played a Latino in 'Argo', Accepts an Oscar for the Outstanding Performance by a Cast award", running with a column by syndicated Washington Post writer Ruben Navarrette Jr., invented a new acting category for the Oscars.

He's concerned about lack of recognition by the Academy Awards' governors and membership of Hispanic contributions to the movies, invented a new acting category for the Oscars.

There is no Outstanding Performance by a Cast category for the Oscars and the statuette in Affleck's hand is not a golden Academy Award. Oops.

To compound the incorrect information, today's Chronicle's corrections print and online section contains no correction about the photo's caption. Let's hope the paper gets around to addressing the mistake tomorrow.

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