Monday, August 22, 2016

Zealous Petrelis, Proud Green Voter, for BART Board D9

The BART board of director seats are nonpartisan elective offices and none of us three candidates for the District 9 seat will be listed with a party affiliation. The ballots will state our names and a three-word identification. Nothing else.

That said, I switched from being a Democratic Party voter and today again became a Green Party voter. Why? A few reasons.

It allows me to say I'm running as a registered Green voter, who by the way is not seeking the SF Green Party endorsement but that is a story for another day. Feeding two birds with one seed here.

Showing my support for Green Party principles and standing against the stultifying sleaze and incestuous underhandedness of the local Democratic County Central Committee.

A vote for me, Zealous Petrelis, sends a whole bunch of messages so make sure you're registered and then cast your ballot for me by the close of Election Day on November 8.

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