Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sen. Schumer: Refund Mylan EpiPen CEO's Donations Now!

Add my voice to the chorus of ordinary citizens, patients-in-need and consumer advocates deploring the greedy 400% price hike of life-saving EpiPens. People with allergies use the device to keep breathing when suffering an allergic attack.

EpiPens are manufactured by Mylan Labs and the chief executive officer, Heather Bresch, has an extensive history of donating money to politicians and PACs.

Bresch's most recent donations were in June, one for $2,300 and another for $2,700, and they went to Democratic New York Sen. Charles Schumer.

I call upon him to return the Bresch contributions to send her and other Big Pharma executives that he won't take their dollars when they endanger the lives of patients because of avarice.

Do you agree refunding the donations are the first step he should take as part of his agenda to put people before profits?

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