Monday, August 29, 2016

McCoppin Hub Anti-Homeless Fence Update from DPW

Last month, Rachel Gordon from the Department of Public Works explained the City hoped to begin work in September on erecting a fence at the McCoppin Hub. I define it as an anti-homeless fence, which Gordon and many neighbors dispute is such.

I was in touch with Gordon last week about this barrier. Here's the latest news about the project:

"I would not characterize the fence as anti-homeless; it is targeting anti-neighborhood behavior, such as open drug use, loud partying at night and vandalism. The project is out to bid. Completion is expected early next year, though a temporary fence during construction will be going up during construction. And the Pit Stop is good at the new site; it was nearer the skate park and not getting much usage."

We'll see when the fence eventually goes up. As far I know, no homeless advocacy groups are actively working to stop this project which is in progressive Supervisor Jane Kim's district.

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