Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BART & Muni: 16th St Health Menace Needs Sanitizing

As a person with a compromised immune system, I alerted BART, SFMTA, DPW and DPH leaders two years ago to the filthy conditions of the plazas at 16th and Mission Streets. Pigeon poop was coated on too many surfaces.

My lobbying these public agencies produced rapid cleansing of the transit hub, making the public spaces more inviting to all stakeholders. Unfortunately, regular power-washings have not occurred. Looking at my campaign video, you'll likely agree that it's been a while since the BART plazas were sanitized.

It's hard to believe what SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said this week about regular maintenance at the 16th Street plazas, after I alerted him to the current situation:

"As required in the contract, each Muni shelter is cleaned twice a week, plus whenever a request is made through 3-1-1."

I've followed up asking for proof the contractor has washed these plazas twice a week recently, and also filed a request for service via 311.

Good public health sanitary practices need to be a high priority for the next BART director for District 9. It's clearly not been of deep concern for the incumbent Tom Radulovich.

Check out the video and I'd be honored to have your vote in November.


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