Thursday, August 25, 2016

Advocacy Led BART to Improve Toilet Access & Public Health

My track-record of engagement with BART and its partner public agencies directly benefited all stakeholders who use the 16th Street station and plaza, as demonstrated in numerous posts from 2014.

That is when I lobbied BART, the SF departments of public works and public health, to collaborate on improving sanitary conditions at this busy transit hub in the Mission.

As I ran for supervisor of District 8, where I came in second with 7% of the vote, the three public agencies at my urging power-washed all surfaces of the street level plazas, installed anti-bird spikes and fire hazardous paper waste in the stairwells was swept away.

Last year, I advocated for Pit Stop staffing at the toilet kiosk and placement of a porta-potty, both now operational, and better wayfinding signage to guide the disabled to the elevator.

I've gathered almost a dozen links showing my historic advocacy with BART, DPW and DPH, performed when I wasn't running for a BART board seat. I'm also sharing my video complaint from 2015 about signage needs at 16th Street.

A few reasons to vote for me in the November election:


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