Monday, March 28, 2011

SF Bay Times: No Print Edition
on the Street in Three Weeks

The smaller of San Francisco's two gay weeklies, the Bay Times, has not appeared in a dead-tree edition for three weeks. If I'm not mistaken, the paper has been around since 1985, when it was known as Coming Up! A number of readers I've spoken with are also curious about this disappearing act.

I've emailed the publisher Kim Corsaro twice, requesting some information and details, but she has not replied to me.

While Bay Times has been absent from the streets, it has managed to maintain weekly news and community updates on the publication's site, and there is no message from Corsaro explaining why the print edition can't be found or if they plan to become a web-only source of information.

I'd hate to see this paper stop printing on dead-tree, and I know many who feel the same way. Competition is good for gay newspapers everywhere, and San Francisco more than needs and deserves two weeklies that appear on the streets and in the bars, while also sharing news online.

Hey Kim, how about some details for your readers about what's going down, ok?


Larry-bob said...

I tweeted last week about my assumption that the paper was going online only, and got a reply from the Bay Times' twitter account:!/SFBayTimes/status/49825246697623552

Unknown said...

hi larry-bob,

you're good at getting some details out of kim. congrats. i've lifted the tweet from bay times:

@larrybobsf We are not exclusively online, though we have been the last several weeks. We return to a regular publishing schedule soon. 5:30 AM Mar 21st via web in reply to larrybobsf

Michael Zonta said...

Agree that we need those recycled-tree editions of the Bay Times on the streets again...

geoheymont said...

The latest edition of Bay Times lists Dr. Betty Sullivan as the publisher and there is no mention of Kim Corsaro anywhere in the paper. My guess is that Kim finally sold the business after 25 years.