Sunday, March 27, 2011

NYT: Egyptian Group Cites
US Gay Marriages in Election Run-up

On Friday, the New York Times ran a front-page article about the rising influence of the no-longer-banned Muslim Brotherhood, and one passage about another group spreading a pro-religious message regarding Egypt's recent election pertained to gay marriage in America. From the NYT, emphasis mine:

With a record turnout, the vote was hailed as a success. But the “yes” campaign was based largely on a religious appeal: voters were warned that if they did not approve the amendments, Egypt would become a secular state. 
“The problem is that our country will be without a religion,” read a flier distributed in Cairo by a group calling itself the Egyptian Revolution Society. “This means that the call to the prayer will not be heard anymore like in the case of Switzerland, women will be banned from wearing the hijab like in the case of France,” it said, referring to the Muslim head scarf. “And there will be laws that allow men to get married to men and women to get married to women like in the case of America.” ...

Color me not surprised fear of something to do with the gays and lesbians reared its ugly head in the run-up to the Egyptian election. The hatred directed at the us knows no borders. Let's hope secular forces in Cairo are countering the fears and lies of the Egyptian Revolution Society.


DaTechGuy said...


The secular forces in Egypt are weak and not influential.

Expect to see a lot more of this in the middle east and in Libya when and if it falls.

Also expect the American Left to ignore this.

I guarantee if this was a Catholic group it would provoke outrage

Anonymous said...

Same reason that a woman will stay with her abusive boyfriend. Or a wife will stay with a man who locks up their daughter and rapes her (the daughter) for 20 years.

Because they mistake barbarism with strength, and think that if they stay on the side of the barbarians they will be treated special. And that works; right up until the barbarians start looking for new victims.