Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Ken Doll Model = Dark, Beefy, Jock

(And a few thousand gay wet dreams thus are born. Meet Kurtis Taylor. Credit: BarbieMedia.)

Dolls didn't interested me in the least growing up. I was more the hopscotch kind of sissy boy. Whether it was Barbie or GI Joe, dolls bored me. That is changing. I may buy my first doll.

Today's NYT Advertising column was about Mattel choosing a fresh body and face for its Ken Doll line. A courtesy photo from the toy giant showed the young male candidates and the beefiest of the crop caught my eye, without knowing he was the winner of the model competition. His all-American name is Kurtis Taylor and he's a football player from Iowa.

Oh, if only there were a shirtless pic of him on the web, I'd like to eye it, ran across my mind. Sure, he's not mature, hairy-chested and won't see a streak of gray for decades, my usual fave, but I can be flexible about an attractive male. Not only is there that shirtless pic out there, I also found the official video for Kurtis Taylor in his run-up to scoring the contract for the Ken gig. Eye-candy in motion:

Not that Mattel asked me for my gay view, but I lustily approve of their olive-skinned, dark haired slab of young gridiron beefcake. Someday, I hope he plays for the gay team. From my lips, to the goddess's ear when she is dispensing favors.

Kurtis formerly played for the Iowa Cyclone's team and when rooting around their photo galleries, I came across this fellow's image and thought I had stumbled upon the Mormon Adonis Training Camp for Hunks with Shaved Heads:

Meet Jake McDonough, boys. Click to enlarge and see every little hair on his hard bicep and the stubble on his scalp and around his chin. A good reason to run a gratuitous pic of one more young beefy football player from the heartland, wouldn't you say? But let's close this post with one more vid of Kurtis and his body. This vid is from his work out at 2010 football try out in Iowa:

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