Monday, June 30, 2008

AIDS Executive Gets Five-Figure Raise;
Cuts Food to Patients

My recent posts on the excessive salary of Craig Shniderman, the executive director of DC's Food and Friends, and a story in last Friday's Washington Blade, were about the 2006 IRS 990 form for the AIDS hot-meals agency showing Shniderman was compensated $334,551 two years ago for his services.

But I was even more interested in his pay level since then, so I requested the most recent IRS 990 form, for 2007, and the chief financial officer of Food and Friends snail mailed me a hard copy, which arrived today. Sorry to report that it is not yet available on the agency's web site, nor has posted it, so the only way to obtain a copy is by calling Food and Friends.

The compensation package for Schniderman last year was $357,447, giving him a raise of $22,896 from 2006.

Wanna bet he is getting even more this year?

Doesn't it make your heart all warm and fuzzy knowing at a time when people with AIDS in the Washington area are struggling to receive hot meals, nutritional supplements and juice, because of deep cuts in services at Food and Friends, the greedy executive director of the agency got a nice five-figure salary increase?

Shniderman certainly exhibits shameless avarice, but it's clearly permitted by his board of directors, and it wouldn't surprise me to learn he holds sway over who sits on the board. Is it too naive of me to say I hope his board of directors, donors and PWA clients soon rein in his greed. The well-being of many people living with HIV in the DC metro area depends on him agreeing to a salary cut, the only answer I see to avoid further reductions of food to PWAs.

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