Wednesday, July 02, 2008

(Jeff Barr, left, holds the hand of his husband Wes Wilkinson.)

How Do Gay Cowboys Propose Marriage in CA?

This marriage notice is from the Sacramento Bee and appeared back on June 17, but I'm blogging about it today because I wasn't aware of it then and believe it stands out for a few reasons.

First, it's about gay cowboys. Second, they were the first gay couple hitched in the city of Woodland on June 17. And third, they were in a moving vehicle at the time they proposed to each other.

I do have one little problem with all this. Couldn't they at least have pulled off the road, maybe at a truck stop, and entered into their engagement without risking an accident on the highway? ;-)

Big congratulations, pardners!

Jeff Barr and William Wes Wilkinson, two cowboys from Elverta who were the first male couple married in Woodland on Monday.

"We met at a Gay Rodeo Association barn dance eight years ago," said Wilkinson, 43. "We're both officers of the association. … I proposed to him and he immediately proposed to me, and we accepted at the same time while we were driving down the road in our truck."

The couple have 5 acres with three horses, three calves, nine chickens and two dogs. "That seems to be our family," Wilkinson said.

But Barr's parents, Walter and Louise Barr of Moraga, were present to witness the ceremony.

"We have to do that," Walter Barr said of supporting their son . . .

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