Monday, June 16, 2008

HRC's Ads Hit SF Kiosks for Gay Pride

There are so many HIV and STD and anti-meth social marketing campaigns continually blanketing gay public space in San Francisco, assaulting the eyes and intelligence with stigmatizing messages, that I've learned to avert my gaze when walking past the ads. But yesterday, on my way church, one such ad stood out -- it showed the Human Rights Campaign equal sign logo. It was no DPH/AIDS Inc ad, but one from the nation's largest Democratic gay political action committee.

The ad above appears on a kiosk on Market Street near the old car dealership at Dolores Street.

Why is it appearing here, and what exactly is the message HRC is trying to deliver to gays in America's homosexual Mecca? Answers cannot be located on HRC's web site. They've apparently not issued a press release on their social marketing campaign.

The ad itself seems to be selling a handsome young gay male, a little bit edgy with his black leather wrist band, and his pride in being a friend, an employee and a member of HRC. And who is this dude? His name is not part of the ad, leaving him anonymous and, dare I say it, closeted.

I recall similar campaigns by other advocacy groups, touting their members, but they mentioned the member's name, sometimes also including their hometown or other individual trait. But not HRC's ads in San Francisco right now.

If gay Democratic party PACs have enough money to launch street-level educational ads, all in the cause of effecting changes in federal laws and programs for LGBT citizens, I advise them to invest their gay community dollars to run the campaign in Washington.

Gay people in San Francisco are in no need of this lame and closest HRC advertising effort, but policy-makers in the nation's capitol would benefit from such ads, especially if they were more gay-specific.

Could it be the ads are just one more way HRC's leadership circle, headed by dapper Joe Solmonese, diverts our attention from their lack of accomplishments on Capitol Hill?

Below is an ad from the Stop AIDS Project, on a kiosk located at Market and Church Streets. With so much ad clutter vying for the gay eye in San Francisco, HRC's ad does not stand out. The entire HRC ad campaign is equal to bringing coal to Newcastle.


Anonymous said...

The second ad is uninspiring.

Maybe the HRC ad is meant to show that HRC members look like everyone else?

Although, if that was true then Sanfran may not be the best place for the Ad... maybe they have them up in Utah too?

Anonymous said...

Given the fantastic news out of CA today, it's really shocking to see how ridiculous and out of control HRC's self promotion is...and how irrelevant.