Monday, June 09, 2008

First NYT Gay Wedding Notice With Grooms Kissing?

Since September 2002 when the New York Times first began printing gay commitment celebration notices on its wedding pages, I've tried to always read those pages on Sundays, just to see the gay and lesbian couples receive such recognition from the Gray Lady over the years.

But yesterday, the Times ran two photos of William Siroty and William Stelling accompanying a great story about their relationship and years-long courtship, and one photo shows them warmly embracing, on the dance floor, and just about to kiss. Ah, modern gay love, I thought, there for every Times reader to look at. But I couldn't recall ever seeing another same-sex couple engaged in such a display of affection in their Times wedding notice.

Can it be that in the almost-six years the paper has published commitment celebrations and wedding notices for gay and lesbian couples, that there's been no other photo of happy same-sexers smooching in the weddings section?

If you're aware of other occasions when the paper has run pictures of gay or lesbian couples locking lips during their commitment ceremony or at the reception afterward, send me the photo, or link to it. I'd like to be proved wrong that yesterday's photo was the first time two grooms were (almost) smooching in their NYT wedding notice.

(Photo credit: Jon Gilbert Fox.)

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Anonymous said...

To the best of our knowledge it is the first time a gay couple has been the feature story in the Sunday section. The photos published in regular announcements are usually just standard, more formal head shots. So this is quite probably the first.