Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two or Three Reasons to Vote GOP on November 7

(Best viewed using Mozilla Firefox. This is actually the first part of my effort to list as many reasons as possible why people might vote GOP. This posting will be updated soon, and a few times before election day, with all the names of the other folks who belong on this list. So drop by again!
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Former Vice Presidential advisor Lewis "Scooter" Libby
Indicted by a grand jury, awaiting trial, for his role in the Valerie Plame outing scandal.

Former Food & Drug Administration head Lester Crawford
Pleaded guilty in October to improper financial dealings and holdings while head of the FDA.

Florida's gubernatorial-hopeful Charlie Crist
Like the disgraced Foley, has always denied being gay, but a 21-year-old good-looking male GOP staffer has made claims recently of trysts with Crist.

Sen. George Allen of Virginia

Forgot his mother's Jewish background, uses racist language and slurs, and has a deep, long affection for the Confederate flag.

Sen. Conrad Burns of Montana
Accepted large donations from Jack Abramoff and believes Dubya has a secret plan to win the war in Iraq.

Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee

Retiring Senate leader is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading deals.

Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania

Proud homophobe neanderthal who equates gay sex with bestiality and holds sexist views on women and mothers who work.

Ex-Rep. Mark Foley of Florida

Former Congressman liked sending inappropriate emails to young adult male House pages.

Soon-to-be Ex-Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio
Stepping down, after being convicted for accepting illegal gifts from lobbyists, from his House seat after the election.

Ex-Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas
Resigned from the House earlier this year over corruption charges and general stupidty.

Ex-Rep. Duke Cunningham of California

Gave up his House seat last year after his conviction for taking bribes from lobbyists.

Ex-Rep. Ed Schrock of Virginia

After he was caught cruising for gay sex on the web and via phone chat services, gave up his House seat.

Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania

The Justice Department is investigating him for possibly using his political influence to steer government contracts to his daughter.

Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio

Resume-padder, on the floor of the House, accused decorated Marine vet Rep. Jack Murtha of being a coward.

Rep. Don Sherwood of Pennsylvania

He was accused by his mistress of choking and assaulting her, and settled her $5.5 million suit out-of-court.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado

Congresswoman who thinks the biggest problem facing the nation is gays and lesbians seeking equal marriage rights.

Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona

Federal investigators have opened an inquiry into whether he's used his office to benefit a technology company that employs his father.

Rep. Dave Drier of California

Closeted gay who frequently votes against equality laws for gays and lesbians and rubber stamps Dubya's agenda.

Rep. Jim Gibbons of Nevada

He's accused of making unwanted sexual advances on and assaulting a woman while drunk, and wants to be his state's next governor.

Wannabee-representative Tan Nguyen of California

This Congressional-hopeful and his staff sent intimidating letters to Hispanic voters, attempting to suppress their votes, but he's not dropped of his race.

Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Big-time GOP donor and support on his way to jail for corruption and illegal bribes.

Convicted lobbyist Michael Scanlon

Ex-partner to Abramoff and former spokesman for DeLay, he pleaded guilty last year to bribery charges involving lawmakers.

Failed Lt. Gov. of Georgia candidate Ralph Reed

The former executive director of the Christian Coalition has been deeply implicated, but not indicted, in the Abramoff scandals.

Ex-chief of FEMA Michael D. Brown

Really, must I remind you of the heck of a job he did for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

Ex-DHS deputy spokesman Brian J. Doyle

Former deputy press secretary for homeland security currently awaiting trial on charges of soliciting underage girls for sex on the web.

Ex-Bush & Rove aide Susan Ralston
She resigned from the White House in September over her role in giving access to Abramoff and his clients.

Ex-Bush domestic policy advisor Claude Allen
Left the White House after his arrest for shoplifting, for which he paid a fine.

Ex-GSA chief David Safavian
Convicted former chief of staff for the General Services Administration, found guilty of lying and obstruction.

Dubya's legal advisor Harriet Miers

Supremely unqualified for the highest court in the land, withdrew her nomination last year buy still works at the White House.

GOP head Ken Mehlman

Closet-case Republican uses the gay and lesbian community, not to mention twisting the truth, for political expediency.

Talk-show loud-mouth Rush Limbaugh
Recovering drug addict convicted of doctor shopping to obtain drugs for his habit.

National nanny Bill Bennett
America's lecturer on proper virtues and avoiding vices, admitted he had a gambling habit, supposedly costing him millions in losses in Las Vegas.

Columnist Maggie Gallagher

Didn't disclose in pro-Bush columns that she had a contract with Health & Human Services to promote the GOP agenda on strengthening the family.

Columnist Armstrong Williams

Closeted writer forgot to mention in his pro-Bush pieces that he had a contract with the Education Department to promote the GOP No Child Left Behind agenda.

Columnist Mike McManus

Omitted this fact from his pro-Bush opinion piece: he had contract with Health & Human Services to promote the GOP's marriage agenda.

Reporter Jeff Gannon

Faux-butch, closeted faux-journalist with a pro-Bush agenda whose news agency went out of business when he was revealed to be an escort and sex worker for men.


Laurie said...

That was a great roundup.. but you forgot Ann Coulter.

roxtar said...

You really haven't left much to say....

Jude said...


Anonymous said...


Tom Delay
Irving Libby
Tom Noe
Kelley Wirth
Warren RoBold
H. Douglas Talbott
Richard G. Convertino
Harry Raymond Smith III
Brian J. Doyle
Shaun Hansen
Roger G. Stillwell

plead guilty:

Jack Abramoff
Adam Kidan
Michael Scanlon
Duke Cunningham
Dan Doyle
James W. Treffinger
Chuck McGee
Allen Raymond
Mitchell Wade
Bob Taft
Tony Rudy
Neil Volz
Tom Noe
Terrence Gasper
Claude Allen
Bob Ney
Lester Crawford

found guilty:

James Tobin
Jim Ellis
Bill Ceverha
John Colyandro
Gov. George Ryan
Paul Clayton
David Safavian
Cherie Carroll
Ken Lay
Jeffery Skilling

Anonymous said...

But what you fail to appreciate is that Michael Moore is fat.

Anonymous said...

regarding Jeff Gannon:

you forgot plagarism and repeated white house visits (recorded on their logs).

Anonymous said...

The Hypocalypse has arrived:

Anonymous said...

what about the corrupt bastards club and the bridge to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

Jeebus H. Cripes, Santorum's outfit sure screams teh gay!

And no one from Indiana, my home state, is on the list. I don't know whether to be pleased or disgusted. Indiana doesn't have thieves of that caliber, but it does have its share of ideological idiots.

Anonymous said...

You forgot..

the crooked cop Bernard Kerik,CPA head L.Paul "Jerry" Bremer,George "Slam Dunk" Tenet,Douglas Feith of the Pentagon Office of Special Plans,his boss,Donald Rumsfeld,Paul Wolfowitz,Richard Perle,General Tommy "who needs a friggin' post-war plan,I'm off to the lecture circuit" Franks,and last but not least,

..convicted embezzler,Iranian double-agent,Ahmed "Kingfish" Chalabi.Where is he now, I wonder?

Bluebear2 said...

Oops, you forgot John Doolittle, Ca. another one of Abramoff's boys!

res ipsa loquitur said...

Santorum ought to be defeated simply for wearing that tie.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Bush and Mussgrave freaks me the fuck out.

ExHack said...

Yes, Michael forgot all of those previously enumerated. But for all those omissions, it's STILL the most comprehensive list of Rethug scandal I've seen. Jeezus, have they really sunk that low?

Don't forget Denny Hastert and his staff, who coddled and protected the sex predator. Also, the Roskam campaign in Illinois, which called double-amputee war vet Tammy Duckworth a cut-and-runner, and Roskam's hired gun Jason Roe, who went on TV to defend it (earning him a Worst Person In The World from Olbermann.)

Anonymous said...

i guess I should thank you for the linke as much as I thanked Suburban Guerrilla...

great work and thanks for linking back to me...

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to mention the "Contract with America" the Republicans made, in what, 1994 or 96 to clean up Congress or they would leave.

Anonymous said...

a great post that holds up well with time. nice work.