Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend Woof #89: Pre Folsom Fair Fellas

As you know from following our #ILikeMikeSF team's District 8 Supervisor campaign site, we've been busy with alt candidacy activities.

This edition of Weekend Woof is our first for the month of September and since tomorrow is the annual Folsom Street Fair, where there will be thousands of handsome homos and curious straight males in attendance, we'll have a few more editions before the end of the month!

Our super adorable ginger cub pal Robbie displaying a few of his tattooes and fine fuzzy face for our camera.

This was one of many hunk construction workers we saw when we paid a visit to the Zuckerberg mansion a few days ago.

A variety of guys seen on the streets of San Francisco recently, several of whom we believe are in town for the Folsom Fair.

This beefy and smiling dude is Marcus, the private security guard protecting the Zuckerberg home on the day we were there. The top photo shows him taking a photo of me as I'm taking one of him!

And how was your past three weeks for taking pics of fine men and boys?

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