Thursday, September 11, 2014

HRC's Chad Griffin's Salary = $507,000
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Cross-posted from our campaign site.)

In late August, we called attention to the fact that the Human Rights Campaign was violating federal law because they had filed their IRS 990 in early August and they were not releasing the report to us.

HRC has stopped playing b.s. games and their 2013 tax filings for the Human Rights Campaign Incorporated and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which were filed with the Treasury Department on August 14th, which will bolster our complaint to the IRS for noncompliance, are now available for public inspection:

Here are the salaries of the executive leadership team at HRC that they were hiding, combined totals from both arms of the organization:

Chad Griffin, executive director:

James Rinefierd, treasurer

Cathy Nelson, vice president

Suzanne Salkind, vice president

Fred Sainz, vice president

Robert Falk, secretary

Marty Rouse, national field director

Allison Herwitt, legislative director

As best we know, Griffin's half-million-plus compensation makes him the highest paid executive director within the LGBT equality movement. Is he worth that salary and what exactly did he do in 2013 to warrant such pay?

With combined revenues of $52,318,163 last year, both arms of this nonprofit are clearly good at raking in the dough, but are they delivering tangible advances protecting the lives and civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans?

Speak up and let us hear your thoughts about the salaries and how you answer the question of HRC leaders worth this sort of compensation. Many thanks to Will Kohler of the terrific news site for creating this fantastic image for us.

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