Sunday, September 14, 2014

Air-Kissing a Baby & Avoid Attacking the Incumbent
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Cross posted from our campaign site.)

Over the course of this alternative candidacy, we've played by a few rules from the standard political playbook such as setting up social media, raising funds, seeking endorsements and campaigning at the Harvey Milk Plaza transit hub.

Now, we are proud to add another item to that list. After having dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, which we will not name since it has a small seating capacity and we don't want more folks learning about it and making the waiting time longer, we air-kissed a baby.

The photo below shows a proud grandfather visiting from Australia holding his granddaughter Mavis, as I stood to the side holding an #ILikeMikeSF sign. Mavis' grandmother was pleased as punch to snap several photos with my camera, as the baby's beaming lesbian mothers waved at their darling daughter getting her to look at the camera.

Sure do hope the lesbian mothers, who live in the Duboce Triangle section of District 8, take a look at this great photo and consider giving me their votes.

Today we also received another email request pushing us to go negative. Since we've been on the campaign trail, many D8 voters and San Francisco folks outside the district have tried to make us a vehicle for their anger at the incumbent, his legislative agenda and wealthy real estate development backers.

The latest request began thus: "So first off this is advice - take it or leave it. Why are you not attacking him on all the failed issues he campaigned on?"

No thanks; we'll leave it. The note got progressively more aggressive and shrill as it went it, and we didn't bother to respond. There is no need to deal with such people and their thinking.

We'll continue to run an upbeat candidacy that stresses our accomplishments and our platform (, asking D8 voters to cast ballots for us because they either approve of our campaign and issues and/or also want to send a protest message to the incumbent.

Thanks, Mavis, for striking a beautiful pose!

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