Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fun-Raiser Brings in Bucks & Support
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Cross-posted to our campaign site.)

Our deep gratitude goes out to all of the voters, neighbors and donors who stopped by our soft fundraiser on Friday at Michael Colter and Wendy Mogg's Sweet Inspiration Cafe in the Castro.

A lovely spread of sweet and savory nibbles was laid out for folks to eat, and non-alcoholic punch was on tap to drink, as folks schmoozed and offered words of encouragement for our candidacy.

On the wall-mounted monitor, dozens of photos from our Twitter feed, twitter.com/MichaelPetrelis, were rotated showing the diverse coalition of people who have graciously posed with our #ILikeMikeSF sign and smiled for the camera.

Among the notables who made appearances were marijuana and disability advocate Mira Ingram, political pundit Patrick Connors who tweets as @UppityFag, Roy MacKenzie who operates the CastroBiscuit.com blog, Debbie Shargel from the Immune Enhancement Project, our hostess Veronika Fimbres, the LGBT liaison for Stoli Patrik Gallineaux, body freedom activist Rusty Mills, longtime community photographer Bill Wilson brought along his handsome hubby Fernando Orlandi, longterm AIDS survivor Bob Bowers alias @OneToughPirate, lesbian advocate Jane Lloyd and many others.

We made just over $300 in profit and people who weren't able to attend but still wanted to donate have pledged a subtotal of $200, that is promised to arrive in the form of checks to our post office box in the coming week.

Special thanks goes out to Michael's life-mate and sweetie Mike Merrigan for providing beaucoup amounts of behind-the-scenes assistance and serving as our treasurer.

Check out the photos snapped by Bill Wilson, tinyurl.com/ILikeMikeSF-Fundraiser-Fotos, and please share them on your social media tagged #ILikeMikeSF. Here are trans advocate Veronika Fimbres and Stoli's liaison to the LGBT community Patrik Gallineaux striking poses with our candidate.

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