Friday, September 26, 2014

From Food Poisoning to Ciprofloxacin
By Michael Petrelis
(Originally posted 9/23 to my campaign site.)

The first symptom was a pronounced episode of "night sweats" in the middle of the afternoon on Monday and things got worse as the day turned into night, and I really missed Mike who was back in South Dakota for his father's funeral.

I was struck with a terrible (is there any other kind?) case of food poisoning and my physician, Dr. Susa Coffey, put me on ciprofloxacin, said to drink lots of electrolytes and to stay in touch with her.

Being sick with a number of ailments all at once I wanted Mike at my side, because he's my rock solid supportive life-partner and an absolute comfort when things aren't going well. I also wanted to share my joy with him having the shiny, union-made campaign buttons.

Mike returned home last night and my spirits lifted, my stomach troubles lessened and I had a bit of hunger and ate some food without feeling the least bit nauseous. Between a few doses of the ciprofloxacin and lots of love from Mike, I am on the mend!

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