Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Tenants Union's Top Choice is Nudist Candidate

To make sure the San Francisco Tenants Union received my questionnaire two-days in advance of their deadline last week, I emailed it to them and then used v-mail and email to get a confirmation from the group's executive director Ted Gullicksen.

I explained that I was heading up to Guerneville and while I couldn't attend their endorsement meeting, I was very concerned they had my questionnaire to consider and also offered to chat with them on the phone or make time for an interview upon my return.

Two-days after sending the questionnaire and a few hours before their meeting, Ted emailed me and said:
"I can’t read that file—can you resend as either pdf or word document?"

The questionnaire was returned in the original format to Ted so I was confused why he couldn't read the file, and being away from my home computer and using one at the Guerneville public library, I didn't have access to my questionnaire.

Ted's original email accompanying his questionnaire made an important point: "We cannot endorse a candidate who has not submitted a questionnaire."

Well, I submitted it in the format used by the Tenants Union but because Ted couldn't open it, I believe my questionnaire was not considered submitted and I was not considered for an endorsement.

The number one choice for the group (http://www.sftu.org/), is longtime nudist George Davis, while the second choice went to John Nulty who defines himself as a public figure.

Unfortunately, the Tenants Union hasn't posted respondents' questionnaires so I don't know what answers George and John provided. George's site (http://supervisorgeorgedavis.wordpress.com/), lacks a platform and omits his views on housing issues but he makes this claim: "New York City has offered a victory celebration in Times Square for a George Davis victory. Donors will be invited to the celebration and a victory dinner in and around Times Square."

At John's site (https://www.facebook.com/JohnNultySupervisor), he similarly doesn't present any opinion on tenant matters or other concerns, but he does share links to stories of interest to him.

I did my best to play by the Tenants Union's rules and didn't receive their backing, so allow me to congratulate George and John for getting the endorsement of this organization.

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