Saturday, September 06, 2014

Anti Eviction Mapping Project Supports Our Candidacy
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Cross-posted to our campaign site.)

One of the most inspiring developments to rise up out of the horrible eviction epidemic displacing too many long-time San Francisco residents in recent years, has been the creation and activism of the Anti Eviction Mapping Project.

On their incredibly informative web site (, the group describes itself as "a data-visualization, data analysis, and digital storytelling collective documenting the dispossession of San Francisco Bay Area residents. The project seeks to de-isolate those displaced and act as a tool for collective resistance."

Members of the project and their allies in the affordable housing rights movement have done a terrific job of organizing attention-grabbing street activism, that has helped many keep their apartments and forced City Hall to listen to ordinary folks fighting gentrification. It is one grassroots group that the corporate media and real estate industry simply cannot ignore.

Today, we're very pleased to announce that the Anti Eviction Mapping Project has issued this statement in support of our candidacy:

"We're an organization fighting every day to curb the greed of real estate developers and housing flippers in San Francisco, and the politicians who support them. As proud direct-action advocates working to prevention evictions of poor and moderate income people, we don't make endorsements but we support Michael Petrelis and his alternative candidacy for District 8 Supervisor. His brand of DIY Democracy challenges the power-brokers at City Hall and we support the #ILikeMikeSF team!"

Thank you so much, members of the Anti Eviction Mapping Project, for your statement!

Here are four of the members at last month's Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club dinner, where they received a well-deserved community award.

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