Sunday, May 06, 2012

SF Voter Toolkit Ad:
Get Tested for HIV

This may be a first, but even if it isn't it's still unique and a creative way of getting out an AIDS message without the usual fear-based approach to HIV testing.

My voting toolkit for the June 5 primary arrived in the mail yesterday and I did what I always do when comes. I read it from cover to cover and learned a few things, such as how it's an open primary and I can vote for the opponents of all the incumbents - Feinstein, Pelosi, Leno, Ammiano - who need to be challenged even in small ways at the ballot box.

Toward the back of the toolkit was a full-page ad promoting HIV testing from the Department of Public Health, using an election theme and image that was impossible to ignore:

I've been looking at San Francisco's voter toolkits since 1995 and don't recall seeing such an ad before. Opposite the HIV testing ad was a safety message about coyotes in the city, which was from the Recreation and Parks Department:

The online version of the toolkit does not contain these ads, so folks who have opted out of receiving the paper version in the mail and only read the PDF of it won't be seeing this HIV message. However, for those San Francisco who will read the printed version before election day, they'll be reminded to consider taking an HIV test and learning their sero-status.

If anyone knows about any other voting guide with such a push for HIV testing, please let me know about it.

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