Sunday, May 06, 2012

AP Reporter:
Lesbians Didn't Call Back

On Friday I blogged about an Associated Press story by David Crary on impatience with President Obama regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender concerns, and what community leaders had to say. In response to my criticism that he only quoted gay men, Crary emailed this note:

My contact list is pretty well stocked with T's and L's (Tammy Baldwin, Hillary Rosen and the NLRC [sic - it's NCLR, National Center for Lesbian Rights] didn't get back to me for this story).

But if you've got some contact info for bisexual lobbyists and executive directors, I'd welcome a look. 

Interesting that Congresswoman Baldwin and NCLR, both of which have paid staffers to take care of communicating with reporters, were not able to call the AP for the article and offer a lesbian point of view.

I can't fault any reporter when his or her story lacks lesbian voices, especially if they've reached out to a lesbian politician, Democratic consultant and pundit, and a national advocacy organization.

By the way, I sent along some bisexual contacts and hope Crary will include bisexuals in future stories on the LGBT community.

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