Friday, May 18, 2012

SF Chronicle Covers IDAHO,
Ignores SF Action Noted by Fox News

(SF's UN Plaza on May 17 was the site of an IDAHO-related speak out and remembrance. Credit: Gays Without Borders.)

Someone should tell the editors at the San Francisco Chronicle that their selection of eight wire photos of various International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia that they're running on their site tonight are welcomed attention for this important global event, but that one important city was omitted from the paper's photographic roundup.

Those editors also need to be told that an IDAHO action happened in their own backyard yesterday. Yes, less than a fifteen-minute walk from the Chronicle offices at Fifth and Mission Streets, Gays Without Borders staged a great IDAHO event at UN Plaza.

Not only did I send alerts to assorted Chronicle editors and reporters, but the Bay City News ran a listing prior to today's UN Plaza action on their daybook. Also, the Bay City News also wrote a short piece about our action before it happened and it ran at the SF Appeal.

Interestingly, Fox News' Latino wire wrote about Latin American celebrations of IDAHO and had this say about one American city's participation:

The San Francisco Pride organization will lower the flag at UN Plaza in downtown.

Okay, so they got it wrong about the group that staged the event here, but I wish to note that we had Brendan Behan, executive director of the SF Pride organization speak at our event, and we were glad to have him and his group join us. The crucial thing is Fox News got it right about the flag lowering in this gay mecca.

Says a lot when a gay event gets more attention from a Fox News wire than the Chronicle.

Why did this city's major daily totally ignore the IDAHO flag lowerings a short distance from where they work? IDAHO is not something that only occurs beyond San Francisco's borders.

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