Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gay U.S. NZ Ambassador 
Asked to Deplore Attack on Gay Teen

(Zakk d'Larte documents his blood-stained bruises in this photo he's sharing after being bashed.)

The United States has an out gay ambassador posted to New Zealand and Samao, David Huebner, and I've requested that he take action regarding the senseless beating of a gay teenager in Auckland. Huebner blogs regularly and on May 17 he wrote about the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, and her laudable remarks on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Bravo, Mr. Ambassador!

A word of encouragement to Zakk, and best wishes for speedy healing. Very good of him to bring attention to the attack he suffered and how he's refusing to be silent or a victim.

Here's the email I've sent to Huebner, pictured, and I'll let you know when he replies:

I am a member of Gays Without Borders and we are very concerned with the recent savage beating of gay teen Zakk d'Larte in Auckland, as reported in the New Zealand Herald.

The paper said:  A gay teenager was called "disgusting" before he was beaten unconscious in central Auckland. The attack on Saturday night at Westhaven Marina has shocked gay rights workers. It came a week after the start of a campaign against such discrimination. Zakk d'Larte, 18, was dropped off by friends at a boat party about 7pm and was walking back to his apartment in the city centre when three men started to approach him wolf-whistling.

We notice that you have a very active and informative blog, and we very much appreciate your recent promotion of IDAHO and the importance speaking up and helping LGBT kids. FYI, we staged an IDAHO event in San Francisco and you can check out our report, pix and vid here.

Today we are requesting that you speak out against the attack on Zakk d'Larte on your blog and other media platforms, consider reaching out to him directly and letting him know the American ambassador who happens to be gay is concerned about his well-being.

Your words in this sad situation could go a long way toward preventing future gay bashings and also give succor to the gay youths of New Zealand. We appreciate all of your visibility and actions related to gay people and our issues. Thank you.

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