Monday, May 21, 2012

IDAHO: Burma's 106-Year-Old 
Trans Woman Shines in Photos

Over at the Gay Star News, in a story written by Anna Leach, is a report about the first International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Burma and how a 106-year-old transgender woman was present. The IDAHO event was held at a social hall titled "Paying Respect to Seniors", and was organized by the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma.

Since the story omitted the name of the transgender woman and a photo of her, I contacted the executive director of the institute, Aung Myo Min, and asked him for additional info. He wrote back and included the photos you see here. Aung Myo Min said:

I am glad to help you and to make her known. Her name is U Kyaw. She was a singer and dancer at the Burmese traditional music band, called "Saing Win". Of course, her favorite is activity is dancing. Her husband died and she is now staying the relatives of her husband in Yangon. 

It is with great pride and humble gratitude to share the photos, which were snapped by Atta Kyaw:

 (U Kyaw, center, with transgender friends. Credit: Atta Kyaw.)

(U Kyaw, at IDAHO in Burma. Credit: Atta Kyaw.)

All of the transgender folks in the photos are beautiful and are examples of our brave LGBT sisters and brothers around the world who make IDAHO the fabulous event that it is. Let's salute the courageous LGBT community of Burma for their first of hopefully many IDAHOs to come!

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