Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Video War:
Cindy 'Garbage Dump' McCain v Paris Hilton

After a week's hiatus, first-daughter wannabe Meghan McCain and her blog resumed posting today. McCainBlogette.com returned to business with a video of Cindy McCain on her visit to Cambodia. In June. More than a month ago. And the highlight of the video, if not the trip, undertaken eons ago in blogosphere time, may have been almost-first lady Cindy's tour of a garbage dump.

Oh, and lots of dirty, smelly people surrounding and occasionally embracing her. Hey, I give the woman credit for hitting foreign lands and calling attention to poor people, and really seeing the underbelly of developing-world poverty.

But the resumption of Meghan's blog with something that is decidedly not current, seems in keeping with her father's lack of familiarity and inability to engage with the web and the wonderful modern world of computers. Couldn't Meghan find anything more in the here and now from her family's effort to win the White House?

Speaking of the McCain's and their videos and ads, one of the important issues in last week's John McCain ad attacking Barack Obama, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, has created her own highly amusing video response. The boys over at Queerty.com sum up the tape:

Paris Hilton, you just blew our collective mind.

For so long we’ve dismissed you as a vapid heiress with a sex tape. You proved us wrong today with this witty rebuttal to John McCain’s anti-Obama celebrity ad, which featured you. This video not only helps you get some sweet revenge on McCain, whom you refer to as the “wrinkly white-haired guy,” but you also offer an intriguing, sensible energy compromise.

Check out what she says, in her sunny garden, wearing nothing but a snug bathing suit, far far away from any greasy disgusting landfill of waste:

Honestly, all rich, skinny, blonde chicks with the resources to turn out professional videos to espouse their political views all look alike to me.

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