Sunday, August 17, 2008

(Top to bottom: Tom Moulten, Jesus LeBron, Brendan Fay.)

Brendan Fay: Out of Hospital,
Explains His Accident

A few week back, my friend and extraordinary global gay advocate Brendan Fay was in tremendous physical pain and suffering from many medical problems, said his partner Tom Moulten in emails. But the messages never said what brought on all the medical troubles.

Mutual friends from Poland and around the USA wrote and asked me how Brendan wound up in hospital, and I told them all I knew was what was in the emails.

Over this weekend, Brendan sent out a photo and this letter to friends and family, thanking everyone for their support and love, providing us with intimate details of his rehab, and how a swimming accident off Fire Island precipitated his new disabling condition.

Here's hoping Brendan continues to recuperate properly, and with his fabulous team of healers, is soon able to get back to more of his activism. The movement needs him.

And did I say more activism? Even with all his medical concerns, and drugs he's taking, Brendan is putting time in on a new film! Nothing can stop that wild Irish spirit of his.

This is his note:

It's getting a little late - but you have all been so good I am letting you in a bit on life since i left since Burke rehab hosp a week ago.

I‘m still amazed at the accident on n July 19 when the rough waves at Fire Island pulled me under and dragged me along the sea bed fracturing my leg.

I am grateful each who were part of the rescue, recovery and healing . From the first moment I called from the water for help to getting home so many people have been kind and generous.

Tom brought me out in the wheelchair to Key Food and the local veg and fruit shop. We went to the barber who cheered when I made it from from the wheelchair to his chair fro the hair cut! It felt so good to be out side.

Our friends Jesus and Alex came out today wheeled me all around Astoria park and down by the river.

Getting up and out of the house made possible by the little miracles of daily life which to now I took for granted. As strange as it seems I now have a sense of gratitude for the simple ability to pee and poop!

I left Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains a week ago and I’m so happy to be back home in Astoria with Tom & the cats. It feels great be back at the computer working on the John McNeill film.

The recovery is slow and steady. The body says "easy does it". Theres a piece that says I really don't have the patience. Since childhood my pace has been stop and run!

At night I am in bed earlier instead of at the computer till midnight. The cats enjoy having company on the bed.... except in their more feisty moments and they want to leap right on the fragile leg!

Visiting nurse service also arranged an aide to help with showering and lunch prep. I understand we are lucky/ blessed with our insurance. However along with all your get well cards the envelopes with windows starting arriving the other day.

I am so appreciative of your many visits, calls and cards from friends and family in Ireland and New York. Our neighbors in Astoria have dropped by. The prayers, cheers and good food are helping me heal and recover. Every call and card has been good morning medicine!

Above all these days and nights I have renewed gratitude for our fragile bodies, the kindness of strangers and the gift of great friends, neighbors and family.

With thanks & hugs to each

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see Brendan recuperating successfully. He should know that even people who he had never met in his life are concerned about him. I'd probably write "we'll keep you in our prayers" if I were a believer. But since God is just a stupid fantasy, I'll simply say that I am glad to see Brendan getting well.