Saturday, August 30, 2008

(Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) are shown at the Alaskan State Fair in this undated 2007 photo in Palmer, Alaska. Photo by Clark James Mishler/Getty Images)

Stevens Silent on Sarah's Selection;

Photo of Senator & Palin in Happier Times

Usually, when a person from a senator's state is picked to be a Supreme Court justice or run on a major party's presidential ticket, the U.S. senators from that state, especially if the party in question is the one he or she belongs to, release statements hailing the pick.

On Friday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, of the GOP, issued a statement about McCain choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his Veep running mate, as posted on her official web site:

“John McCain has taken a bold step today in choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. Gov. Palin has risen to every challenge she’s faced, and her choice is historic for Alaska and for the women of America. Sarah brings a great deal of excitement to the campaign and she makes Alaskans proud. Gov. Palin understands and is a leader on the most crucial issue facing our nation today -- energy. Her candidacy will highlight Alaska's critical role as a state that can help meet our nation's energy needs through domestic oil and gas exploration and development. Sarah has built an impressive record as Governor of Alaska, and she will bring a valuable outside-the-beltway perspective to John McCain's candidacy. Gov. Palin is smart, energetic and her choice as the Republican vice presidential candidate represents a new direction in the race for the White House.”

Now compare that with what Ted Stevens, Alaska's other GOP senator who's facing federal corruption charges, had to say about Palin's history-making entry onto the 2008 presidential ticket:

"_________________________________________," said Sen. Ted Stevens in remarks posted on his senatorial web site.

I get the serious impression powerful GOP forces are working to separate Stevens from Palin. The last release posted on Stevens' site is about him giving permission for the establishment of a legal defense fund on his behalf, as he fights to save his political career.

Good thing the folks at Getty Images have released a photo of Stevens and Palin in happier times, to remind the public of their link to each other.

Speaking of separating these two GOP Alaskans, a video disappeared from a site belonging to Palin. As noted yesterday on the site:

That was quick. This morning, an ad from Sarah Palin's 2006 gubernatorial campaign featuring an endorsement from scandal-plagued Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was available on Palin's campaign Web site . . . but now the Stevens ad has already been scrubbed. The link is no longer on her campaign site.

But don't despair! The commercial can be seen thanks to being archived at YouTube:

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