Thursday, August 07, 2008

Diebold Executive Donates to Obama

I'm a Green Party voter and I simply can't get too bent out of shape seeing that a senior executive at the Diebold corporation made a contribution in June to Barack Obama.

You may recall that Diebold, manufacturer of lots and lots of voting machines for the American electorate, instituted a prohibition on such giving back during the 2004 election after the chairman boasted of raising money for the GOP.

The two major parties, no matter what restrictions are implemented by Congress, the Federal Election Commission or private companies, will always enjoy receiving money from executives. Big money is never going to flow to the Green Party or other smaller parties.

Despite the Diebold policy against officers giving bucks to parties and candidates, senior executive James Trocme in June made a $250 donation to Obama's presidential campaign. You can click here for the actual FEC record on the donation.

I guess Trocme is not familiar with Diebold policies, or maybe the corporation has relaxed its donations prohibition this election season. Whatever the reasons are why Trocme made this donation, I'm sure the Obama campaign is damn glad to have the money.

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Anonymous said...

Trocme is not a Sr. Executive or an officer of the corporation at Diebold Incorporated. Titles are not what they always seem to be. If you check the annual report and your facts, you will find that to be the case instead of jumping to false conclusions.

He is a business development director and a registered Democrat. The rule your mention I believe applies to officers of the corporation not to employees.

As a private citizen Trocme is legally entitled to contribute to causes of his own choice without undue influence from any corporate hierarchy, bloggers or any other individuals or organizations that would otherwise wish to interfere with his constitutional rights and freedom of speech.

Trocme supports Obama, so what... millions of Americans do. Trocme is also glad that Senator Obama has his contribution and rejects any assumption guilt by association because of employment as simply ridiculous. Trocme comes from a long tradition of Free Speech, individual liberty, international reconciliation.

Trocme salutes you and encourages you to make a contribution of your own liking for the candidates or the causes of your choice without judging....