Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SF Ex's Writer's Mailbag Plagiarizes My Toilet Access Post

Stuart Schuffman, alias Broke Ass Stuart, is running for mayor of San Francisco I've lately laughed at how he's also a lazy ass when it comes to addressing a reader of his plagiarizing from my blog. Some history is needed.

The SF Examiner gives Stuart space every Wednesday for him to opine on various subjects and recently he developed an interest in expanding toilet access. You may recall, I successfully lobbied the Department of Public Health, the SF Fire Department and the mayor's homeless czar Bevan Dufty over four-months to open and publicize the availability of restrooms at firehouses.

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At his blog on August 7, in response to his two Examiner columns about public toilets, a reader wrote in and totally plagiarized from my May 30 blog post regarding the City expanding toilet access at firehouses.

Over last weekend, I tweeted and emailed Stuart and didn't hear from him until Monday. Here's our exchange:

Stuart: "Sorry, I was at Outside Lands all weekend. Would you like me to go in and link to your article on the post?"

MP: "Yes, that would be a good start and I hope you'll give some context to my months of work on expanding toilet access in SF at taxpayer-funded buildings."

Stuart: "Cool! Please send me what you want included and I will make the edit."

MP: "Huh? After two days of ignoring my tweets and emails about your reader's plagiarism, and using the lame ass excuse of being at the concerts, which didn't stop you from tweeting, you're asking me to address the plagiarism? You have a few folks keeping your site going and an election team, so I think you should call on them if you're too lazy or busy to address this matter. Also, you might say a word of thanks for my efforts to expand toilet access at the fire houses."

Why he couldn't write his own explanation about the plagiarism of a reader, link to my original post and do what the City officials did, thank me for my advocacy increasing the public's access to toilet is something Stuart may want to address. His page with the plagiarism, which I copied, omits a note from him about all this.

This is Stuart's reply to his reader:

"Thanks so much for the footwork on this one and for passing it on to us. It ultimately seems like the destiny of one’s bladder or colon may lie in whomever is on duty at the time, but this is definitely a resource I can guarantee most people have no idea exists, least of all people who lack housing, much less the ability to receive inter-office memorandums from Chief Hayes-White."

Damn, if only Stuart would use his weekly Examiner column to publicize the toilet access at firehouses and call on the City to greatly promote this change by the fire department, I would be inclined to no longer call him Lazy Ass Stuart.

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