Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chron's Saunders & I Blocked on DA's Govt-Funded Twitter Acct

There is not a whole lot that I have in common with the SF Chronicle's resident conservative columnist Debra J. Saunder, but today I learned we're both on DA George Gascon's blocked list on his taxpayer-funded Twitter account. He's such an ambitious Latino, Democratic, law-and-order political animal clawing his way up the food chain and also possesses a very thin skin. Not a man to trust.

Today, a San Jose based open govt advocate named Angela Greben contacted me with this info:

"I'm posting results to public records requests on my blog. I'm asking public officials and agencies (so far just in CA) about who is on their Twitter block/mute list. George Gascon's office responded to my request yesterday and I'm going to publish it soon.

"What I noticed is that the majority of people on his block list have only ever made one comment to him and they got blocked as a result. Their comments were simple criticisms of him or his office.

"However, you were the one exception to the rule. I've noticed you've posted numerous tweets, some of which would have gotten other's blocked, but have managed to stay unblocked (no one is on his mute list)."

Check out Gerben's blog post on Gascon using his govt-funded Twitter account to stifle the arrival of criticism directed at his eyeballs. Blocking by electeds on their official accounts is equal to telling the postal service not to deliver snail mail letters, while also preventing this and other taxpayers from viewing his tweets.

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