Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ileus is What Ails Me & September Surgery Set

My recent major health challenges stem from a new ailment known as ileus, which is when the digestive mechanism moving stool isn't functioning. 

One of my three medical appointments yesterday was with my long-term gasto-intestinal specialist, Dr. Robert Elsen. He explained that I'm to stick with a diet higher in fiber, which has long included large fiber intake, daily stool softeners and a new tasteless laxative drink, plenty of prunes and yogurt, and a whole lotta rest.

All these elements equaled several bowel movements in the past 48-hours, the first in two-weeks, and no cramps. Every step to wellness leads to another.

Asking for a step-by-step recount of the colonoscopy and removal of clogged stool causing the bloating, Elsen told me my rectum was numbed, a tube inserted and the stool was vacuumed. He and the assistant watched my stomach deflate and lose the painful, knotted tension.

Great to know this, but sure wish I had been awake for the fun anal activity and able to enjoy the stimulation of it all!

At my bariatric clinic consultation, I was informed that the gastric by-pass surgery long-scheduled for September 8th was proceeding. This mean I begin a two-week liquid diet, heavy on soluble fiber, starting this Tuesday to reduce my fatty liver as much as possible making the operation and healing afterward easier all around.

Mike is the best caregiver and today we cooked up a huge pot of beets together, and reveled with each other at all the excellent news and wellness developments for both of us ageing gay men living with AIDS. I've not felt ready to remove my hospital wrist band, I say because the blue matches my skin so well. Go figure.

A hearty thank you to everyone who's communicated with us in recent days, and wish us well, and also shared details about your own health needs and conditions. Your reaching out keeps us connected to our social support circles and is one additional way of taking care of ourselves.

Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend.

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