Saturday, August 01, 2015

Beefy Marines' Pix for PTSD & Diseased AIDS Pariahs

During the HIV plague years in the American gay community, a group of irreverent queer poz dudes created a magazine called Diseased Pariah News as one way of processing their fears, hopes for better treatments and longer lives, and deep wells of anger. I supported my cohorts by buying and sharing the publication. Reading it sure alleviated a few of my mental knots and reduced personal stress, because it was nasty humor hitting raw nerves.

On July 25th, down in San Diego, a group of Marines named Irreverent Warriors and some of their allies brought attention to the suicides of servicemembers from post-traumatic stress disorder. An estimated 22 veterans and active-duty personnel take their own lives every day.

The beefy and skinny guys created a hike and carried 22 kilograms on their backs over a 22 kilometer route to symbolized the 22 military lives daily lost to PTSD-related suicides.

Needless to say, these irreverent fellas had a high number of gay sets of eyeballs, mine included, checking out their images over social media leading up and after the "22, With 22, For the 22" march and partying afterward. Thanks for doing all the activities!

A solid pat on the strong backs of the Irreverent Warriors to organizing themselves, making important social health messages, inspiring hope for themselves and other vets, and sharing their thoughts and bodies on the web. Some constructive suggestions, humorous and serious, for the guys.

At your next action, be sure to include signage so your photos deliver the beef and drive home your message about stopping suicides. Via social media, provide phone numbers, web sites, physical locations and email addresses of resources for folks facing mental challenges and thinking of committing suicide.

Since you like showing skin and arousing hormone levels, consider removing your silkies and showing butts and balls. Find local glory holes and get sexual healing busting nutt. Remember the benefits of medical marijuana for lessening the effects of PTSD.

I've gathered my fave pics and present them here, that please my queer eye, along with a few irreverent comments.

This dude is wearing too much clothing on the poster recruiting participants for the hike.

What a lucky guy, assigned to kneel down and inspect the thighs of hikers.

Nice bulge, soldier boy.

Can you tell that this dude really appeals to my queer eye?

Work those nipples harder and see if any milk comes out.

Glad the bar for the party lacked air-conditioning.

Time for pit inspection and appreciation!

Pull down the shorts and let's see if the butt is inked.

Some men have the best cum-shot looks.

How do I apply to be the man to rub sunblock on the Marines next time?

Gotta get the name of this air-condition-less bar and pay it a visit.

Hike organizer Donny O'Malley needs lessons in creating a glory hole booth with holes!

How can we inspect the pits when you're wearing a backpack?

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