Friday, July 22, 2011

Victory Fund/Bilerico 
Hide Names of Anti-Baldwin Democrats

A recent essay at the Bilerico site written by Chuck Wolfe, the executive director of the Victory Fund, an organization dedicated to helping primarily gay Democrats become elected officeholders, shows how this Gay Inc organization protects bigots in the Democratic Party. Wolfe wrote:

Old boy network politics hasn't changed much in Washington, a town famous for trading in secrets and rumors. So when I hear that some straight white males in the Democratic Party are calling around to recruit a Wisconsin candidate that looks a little more like them, it's clear they're still willing to cast aside even compelling leaders like [U.S. Rep. Tammy] Baldwin - all because they don't match up with some calcified version of the perfect candidate. If the old boy network gets its way, they'll steer resources toward a candidate who won't offend, but who'll be far less likely to fight. ...

So much for standing up to bigots. Notice that Wolfe omits the names of the straight while men trying to find one of their own to compete with Baldwin. If it's so terrible what these men are doing, it's not enough to write a column for Bilerico about it and fail to identify the bigots. In not naming and shaming them, Wolfe protects the bigots he deplores.

Also protecting the Democratic old straight white boy network is Bilerico's editor and co-founder Bil Browning. Why did he allow Wolfe's essay to appear on his site without it containing the names of the bad Democrats not lining up behind Baldwin?

The answer may be that he's never been one to strike hard at Democrats, or perhaps it has to with his longtime partner and Bilerico co-founder Jerame Davis is on staff at, surprise!, the Stonewall Democrats.

No doubt, there is a straight old boy network within the Democratic Party that does not fully embrace gay candidates. However, there's also a gay young boy network in DC that includes the likes of Wolfe, Browning and Davis.

The last thing on their agenda is holding the Democrats accountable and publicly shaming the national party when it works against the nascent candidacy of a viable lesbian candidate for U.S. Senate.

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