Monday, July 11, 2011

Illegally Parked Traffic Cop Cart
at Valencia and 17th Streets

Normally, I would not care about an illegally parked traffic cop cart in the Mission, but on Saturday afternoon when a cart impeded me from accessing a bike rack from the street because it was sitting idle at a red no-parking zone, my attitude changed.

These photos were taken around 1:45 PM on Saturday, at Valencia and 17th Streets, opposite the Mission police station. I don't know how long it was parked there.

Sheesh, not only was it parked in a red zone, the cart's rear end was sticking out.

Not smart to leave the cart where it hinders access to a fire department water hydrant.

If you ask this bicyclist, I'd say the SF Municipal Transportation Authority needs to track down which meter/parking enforcement agent drove their cart with the license plate ID number 1028662.

Just like the SF MTA uses footage and stills from surveillance cameras at intersections with traffic lights to ticket red-light runners, it should use my pix and the license plate info to issue a ticket to their agent who violated city parking laws.

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